The Walter Mangold Trust Fund

Promoting International Peace and Understanding through the study of foreign languages

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Objects of the Walter Mangold Trust Fund

The Fund has seven objects, which can be summarised as follows:

  • the provision of educational scholarships to enable young Australians to spend a period of time in a foreign country studying in another language;
  • the provision of scholarships to overseas students who apply to come to Australia to advance their knowledge of English and gain an understanding in one or more areas of Australian culture;
  • the appointment of a visiting Scholar or Fellow to the University of Melbourne;
  • the encouragement of inter-disciplinary studies which involve the study of a language;
  • the support of a vacation school in a foreign language conducted in Australia;
  • the awarding of grants or scholarships to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Victorian Branch) or for its purposes;
  • Support of a published work of educational merit which makes a contribution to the aims of the Trust.

Some of the Trust objects involve a direct relationship with particular institutions such as the University of Melbourne, and the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Victorian Branch). Other objects are promoted through advertised grants and scholarship programs, for which applicants may apply. (See details elsewhere on this website.)

The CASS Foundation is the Trustee of the Walter Mangold Trust Fund.

In accordance with guidelines in the Will which established the Trust Fund, the Trustee determines for each grant round from which countries the Study In Australia scholarships are sourced; and which languages will be designated for Language Scholarship awards.