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Study in Australia

Study in Australia Student Groups

Study in Australia 2019 Student Group

The nine 2019 Timor-Leste scholars visited the Mangold Trust offices and are currently completing their English studies in Melbourne. We wish them all the best with their studies!

Photo 2019 Scholars.jpg

Back row [L-R]: David, Sonia, David, Avelino, Ruben, Tamara, Dina, and Herval

Front row [L-R]: Joao, Raquel, Joaquina and Sonia

Study in Australia 2019 Alumni Dinner

We were delighted to meet up with 30 of our past Mangold Scholars in Dili in April 2019. The attendees ranged from our 2008 intake to the the 2018 intake.

2019 Alumni Dinner.jpg

Study in Australia 2018 Student Group

The group of nine 2018 Timor-Leste scholars who studied intensive English in Melbourne have all successfully completed their courses and have returned home. In September 2018, the students visited the Mangold Trust office to meet the Trustees.

WMTF sia2018 student photo.jpg

Back row [L-R]: David, Francisca, Boaventura, Alcina, Daniel, Deolindo, Edgar, David.

Front row [L-R]: Umbelina, Constancia, Maria, Anastásio.

Study in Australia 2017 Student Group

The 2017 scholars have now retuned to Timor-Leste. The 2017 student group met the Mangold Trustees in Melbourne.


Back row [L-R]: Ezequial, Venceslau, Jose, Luquinha, David, Daniel, Maria, Melky, David, Ismenia

Front row [L-R]: Julio, Pierina, Nivia and Alzira.

Study in Australia Student Groups 2011 to 2016

Between 2011 and 2015, Study in Australia grants were offered on a 'by-invitation-only' basis to residents of Timor-Leste who were nominated for a Study in Australia scholarship by their employers or partner organisations.

In 2016, the Study in Australia application system changed to an online process. Residents of Timor-Leste who were workers in paid employment or full time tertiary students were able to apply directly for intensive English language study in Australia in 2016, with a reference from their current employer or lecturer.

Study in Australia Student Group 2016

In 2016, nine scholarships for intensive English language study in Australia were awarded. In June, the recipients commenced their studies in Melbourne. Seven members of the student group recently visited the Mangold Trust office.


[L-R]: Luciano, Juvita, Selviana, Ediana, Maria, Deliana and Jaime with Trustees David Aitken, Daniel Rechtman and David Abraham AM.

Study in Australia Student Group 2015

In 2015, nine scholarships were offered for intensive English language study. The students completed their studies in Melbourne and returned to Timor-Leste.


[L-R]: Jonas, Francisco, David, David, Daniel, Cesaltino, Joȃo, Monica, Fernanda and Alexandrina.

Study in Australia Student Group 2014

In 2014, ten candidates were offered Study in Australia scholarships to attend intensive English language programs in Australia. Ten students successfully completed their course and returned to Timor-Leste. During the year, seven students visited the Trustees for morning tea.

SiA2014grp-photo c2-72.jpg

Back row [L-R]: Robert, Marcelino, David, Daniel, Francisco, David, Nicolau.

Front row [L-R]: Yessy, Natalia, Nilfa and Abenta.

Study in Australia Student Group 2013

In 2013, eight Timor-Leste candidates received scholarships to study intensive language courses in Melbourne, Australia. The eight students successfully completed their study programs. Before returning home they attended the office of The Walter Mangold Trust Fund to discuss their studies with the Trustees. The students presented the Trustees with a woven ceremonial rug from Timor-Leste.

SiAstudentsSAM_0912c1web copy.jpg

[L-R]: Eliseu, Sergio, Eva, Nathaniel, Micaela, Joana, Acacio and Nivio with Mangold Trustees, Robert Read, Daniel Rechtman and David Aitken.

Study in Australia Student Group 2012

The 2012 round of Study in Australia scholarships for residents of Timor-Leste was completed with outstanding results.

Eight Study in Australia scholarships were offered in 2012 and the students have now completed their intensive English language programs in Melbourne and returned to their positions and communities in Timor-Leste.


Some comments from the 2012 Timor-Leste students:

"I would like to thank the Walter Mangold Trust Fund for providing this opportunity to study abroad. This is the beginning of my adventure..." (Mary)

"Thanks for the golden opportunity; this scholarship has improved and changed my life..." (Joaquim)

"It has been a great opportunity for me to study in Australia, with all the enormous support you've put together to make it happen. Thank you so much." (Julia)

Study in Australia Student Group 2011

In 2011, eight students from Timor-Leste took part in either a 21-week or a 31-week intensive English course in Melbourne. All the students completed their courses and returned to Timor-Leste.