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Reflections from the 2016 Walter Mangold Trust Visiting Fellow

Reflections from the 2016 Walter Mangold Trust Visiting Fellow, Professor Saúl Sosnowski


To be named “The Walter Mangold Trust Fund Fellow” for 2016 is an honor that I will always treasure. It has afforded me a unique opportunity to come to Australia and, in addition to meeting members of the Board, to interact with University of Melbourne faculty, students and staff. As I mentioned privately and during my public address, the goals of the Trust Fund in carrying out and advancing Walter Mangold’s philosophy about the role of language and culture in facilitating understanding and promoting peace, have been at the core of scholarly and research-action initiatives throughout my academic career. It was therefore with utmost enthusiasm that I embraced your invitation to share with you some thoughts on this shared endeavour. I am also grateful to have been able to hold a workshop for faculty and students on Argentina, and to speak about “Borges and the Kabbalah” at the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney and at the University of Melbourne.

Conversations with faculty and administrators about a Latin American Studies Center, as well as the advancement of Latin American literature in the School of Languages and Linguistics (SOLL), have generated a number of possibilities for closer collaboration that should lead to joint projects between Melbourne and Maryland. I expect that in the very near future faculty and doctoral students from both universities will be able to collaborate in courses, conferences and in research. This has been possible given the diligence of all those involved in facilitating my residence here; namely, the Board’s generous invitation, the arrangements made by Prof. Alfredo Martínez Expósito, the collegiality of members of the SOLL faculty –notably of Prof. Veronique Duché and of Mara Favoretto— and of the staff, most specially of Emma Sekuless.

Sometimes, faculty are granted the opportunity to spend time to meet with new colleagues and advanced students to reflect on issues that affect the way we see the world and, from the vantage point of our chosen profession, our role in it. Your invitation has allowed me to do so at Melbourne and to explore in an ideal academic setting how we may proceed together in advancing the goals of The Walter Mangold Trust Fund. For this privilege, and as I look forward to our next step, I’ll remain forever grateful to you.

Professor Saúl Sosnowski, 2016